Costs and Financial Aid

  • Graduate School
  • Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology

Estimated Costs

(1 USD is approximately 1,200 KRW as of January 2017)

Tuition fee per year 8,916,000 KRW 7,410 USD
Housing per year Dormitory for unmarried students 1,175,000 KRW 979 USD
Apartment for unmarried students 2,400,000 KRW 2,000 USD
Apartment for married students 3,000,000 KRW 2,500 USD
Graduate Student Association fee (optional) per year 30,000 KRW 25 USD
Meal costs 3,240,000 KRW 2,700 USD
Matriculation fee (only once when enrolling) 898,000 KRW 748 USD
Housing deposit (only once) Apartment for married students only 200,000 KRW 166 USD

* To reduce financial burden on students in case of illness or injury. Students enrolled in the plan can receive 80% of medical expenses in reimbursement up to 1,000,000KRW per semester.

** Payment should be made through KRW. The USD exchange rate is stated only for reference.

Financial Aid and Other Supports

• POSCO Fellowship for GIFT students

(1US $ is approximately 1,200 KRW, as of March 2016)

Matriculation Fee US$ 738 885,000 KRW
Tuition (per year) US$ 10,785 12,942,000 KRW
Living expenses assistance
(per month)
MS US$ 833 1,000,000 KRW
Ph.D. US$ 1,250 1,500,000 KRW
Housing assistance (per year) US$ 1,000 1,200,000 KRW