Costs and Financial Aid

  • Graduate School
  • Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology

Estimated Costs

(1 USD is approximately 1,200 KRW as of January 2017)

Tuition fee per year 8,916,000 KRW 7,410 USD
Housing per year Dormitory for unmarried students 1,175,000 KRW 979 USD
Apartment for unmarried students 2,400,000 KRW 2,000 USD
Apartment for married students 3,000,000 KRW 2,500 USD
Graduate Student Association fee (optional) per year 30,000 KRW 25 USD
Meal costs 3,240,000 KRW 2,700 USD
Matriculation fee (only once when enrolling) 898,000 KRW 748 USD
Housing deposit (only once) Apartment for married students only 200,000 KRW 166 USD

* To reduce financial burden on students in case of illness or injury. Students enrolled in the plan can receive 80% of medical expenses in reimbursement up to 1,000,000KRW per semester.

** Payment should be made through KRW. The USD exchange rate is stated only for reference.

Health Insurance

All of POSTECH’s prospective students MUST join or purchase one of the following three insurance plans:

  • Health insurance plan of their home country that covers most illnesses or injuries in a foreign land (i.e. Korea). In this case, applicants must submit a document of verification to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) prior to their arrival at POSTECH.
  • National Health Insurance Service (NHIS). Students are required to pay approximately 40,000 KRW per month, the amount being accumulated since the most recent date of arrival. NHIS provides a wide range of coverage for various injuries and illnesses. Furthermore, instead of getting reimbursed afterwards, patients can pay the discounted amount from the start at the medical institutions.
  • Korean Private Health Insurance. Students are required to pay approximately 200,000 ~ 250,000 KRW per year. Please note that the Korean Private Health Insurance covers fewer illnesses and injuries than NHIS. Also, unlike NHIS, patients are required to pay the entire amount at the medical institutions, and then get a certain amount of reimbursement by submitting required evidential documents.

Financial Aid

    *The amount and eligibility criteria are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)
    • The Korean Government Scholarship Program is designed to support international students pursuing higher education in Korea, with the aim of promoting international exchange in education, as well as mutual friendship amongst the participating countries. POSTECH is one of the designated universities in Korea, and the application period is from February to March every year.
  • POSCO Asia Fellowship
    • Awarded to prospective applicants from Asian countries that will be enrolled in Fall 2015. POSCO Asia Fellows are recommended by POSTECH to the POSCO TJ Park Foundation after they pass POSTECH’s admissions process. Students who have an Asian nationality and wish to be recommended as POSCO Asia Fellows may indicate it in their online application.
  • POSTECH Fellowship for Excellent International Students
    • Awarded to Vietnamese applicants who 1) are lecturers at POSTECH’s partner universities in Vietnam (HUS, HUST, UET, HCMUS, HCMUT), 2) hold a master’s degree, and 3) wish to receive a doctoral degree at POSTECH. The application period is from February to March.
  • POSTECH Teaching or Research Assistantship
    • Available to graduate students who are selected as teaching or research assistants by their advisors.
  • POSTECH Settlement Allowance for New International Students
    • Eligible to incoming international graduate students from the oustide of Korea