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  • Express buses connect Pohang with other cities that are farther away, such as Daejeon and Seoul. Buses from Seoul use the express lane and complete the journey in five hours. For more information, please visit www.kobus.co.kr
  • Express bus lines Association

    From Pohang Intercity Bus Terminal

  • Bus #105 will take you from the Intercity Bus Terminal to the bus stop accross the East Gate. A cab will cost about KRW 4,000. From the bus stop, the administration building is a five minute walk, and the Housing Office takes about eight to ten minutes on foot.
  • • Transportations to Pohang
    Transportation Travel Hrs One-way Fare
    Point of
    Point of Arrival
    Airport Limousine Bus 5 hrs 42,200
    46,400 (late night)
    Incheon Int’l Airport Pohang Intercity
    Bus Terminal
    KTX-Limousine Bus
    (Shin Gyeongju)
    3 hrs 30 min 34,900 (weekdays)
    37,500 (weekends)
    4,800 (Limousine bus)
    Seoul Station Pohang Intercity
    Bus Terminal
    Express Bus 4 hrs 30 min 30,400 Seoul Express Terminal Pohang Express

    From Pohang Express Bus Terminal

  • It is best to take a cab from the terminal to the campus, and it costs about 6,000 won.
    There is no bus coming directly from the outside of the terminal to the campus.


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