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Application Requirement


  • Foreign students whose parents are both of foreign descent
  • Foreign students who completed more than 2 years of high school education overseas
  • Students who completed all courses (Elementary, Middle, and High School) overseas

Required Documents

Required Documents
Required Documents Remarks
Admission Application Form On-line application
(Korean Version only)
High School Graduation Certificate (prearrangement)  
Elementary, Middle, and High School Academic Records  
Personal Statement Download
Teacher’s Evaluation Download
Certificate of Entry/Departure  
Birth Certificate (student & parents), or Equivalent Documents  

- For more information, please see “모집요강(Guidelines for Applicants)

- All documents except application form must be sent by Registered Mail(International Express Mail Service) by Sep 13th(Wed).

Application Fee

  • Evaluation fee : 100,000 KRW
    * Service fee 5,000won excluded


  • Applicants must choose one admission category when they apply. (Except for the admission to Creative IT Engineering, all the admitted students belong to a single affiliation.)
  • Any document not in Korean or English should be attached with Korean translation.
  • All documents must be original. If students cannot submit originals, students must provide proof of originality from the issuing organization.
  • If identified as used illegal methods to gain admittance, the admission will be cancelled regardless of registration.
  • No further admission will be offered in the event of registration vacancies.