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Dean's Greeting

POSTECH trains talented students
who will contribute to humanity with science and technology

Thank you for visiting the Undergraduate Admissions website of Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH).

POSTECH is devoted to educating talented students with challenging spirit who will make great contributions to the advancement of humanity with science and technology. We put our utmost efforts to select students who have a solid foundation in mathematics and science and are deeply passionate for and highly dedicated to natural science and engineering. We constantly look for diamonds in the rough who will become global leaders in science and technology.

POSTECH aims to become a university that leads a new era of science and technology, conducts rigorous research for the future of humanity, and seeks true values in educating students. To achieve the goals, POSTECH provides its select students with the best education, research, and living environment. POSTECH also offers customized education to fit each student’s level and needs in becoming scientists and engineers of warm heart and cool head who will lead the future of the world: a mentor program in which current students become mentors for incoming students, the English Certification Program, expanded education in social sciences and humanities, cultivation of entrepreneurial spirit, etc. To enrich college experience of students who all live on campus for the entire duration of their undergraduate study at POSTECH, POSTECH provides extracurricular programs such as the Residential College program, the Thursday Arts & Culture program, various club activities, the POSTECH-KAIST Science War, as well as various study abroad programs and international internship opportunities.

POSTECH’s capable and passionate alumni are playing a central role and making tremendous advancements in science and technology. Come join us to become a world-class professor, researcher, or entrepreneur in science and technology.

All of us at Undergraduate Admissions will be happy to assist you in becoming a leading scientist and engineer.

POSTECH Prof. Sangmin Jeon