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  • [CLOSED] 2018 KGSP
    • Dear Prospected Applicants of POSTECH-Korean Government Scholarship Program:

    We appreciate your interest in POSTECH.

    Please refer to the information below for your application.

    1. The application deadline of POSTECH: March, 15, 18:00(KST), 2018

    2. All required documents must arrive in the office no later than the application deadline by post.

    * Applicants can apply for the admission of KGSP only by post.

    * University Address: “POSTECH Admissions”

      77 Cheongam-Ro. Nam-Gu. Pohang. Gyeongbuk. Korea, 37673


    3. Please refer to the attachments "1, 2 & 3" for your detail information and "4" to fill up the application forms.
       Note that both POSTECH and NIIED require applicants to submit the documents/forms as below.
    1) by POSTECH:
          ●One Copy of Curriculum Vitae (free-form)
          ●Prospective Professor List up to 3 (form attached)
          ●Score Report of English Proficiency Test
             (TOEFL/IELTS score report can be sent directly to POSTECH Admissions by ETS/British Council.)
              *POSTECH's institution code: 0329
              *Please refer to the each of departmant's website:
          ●Optional Materials to demonstrate outstanding achievements 
    2) by NIIED: Documents Packet (attachment 3)

    4. No application fee is required for KGSP application.

    5. POSTECH Settlement Allowance for New International Students 
    * Eligibility: New international graduate students from the outside of Korea
    * Purpose: In order to encourage successful studies and settlement in POSTECH and Korea
    - Amount of allowance:1,500,000 KRW/first semester
    - Installment payment: 3 months

    POSTECH Admissions

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