• Rashmi Rekha Borah
  • Request for Application number
  • Dear Graduate Admissions Team,
    I would like to report that I have successfully transferred the application fees for Graduate Admissions, Fall 2019. I have already reported the successful transfer of fees twice to the email id "grad-admission@postech.ac.kr" as instructed in the guide. But, I have not got any reply yet. The details of the transfer are given below.
    Applicant's Name: Rashmi Rekha Borah
    Depositor Name: Binayak Bhuyan
    All the other details are included in the receipt itself which is attached in the email. I would be very grateful if you give me the Application Number ASAP so that I can complete the application successfully. Thanking you for your time and consideration and looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Rashmi Rekha Borah

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