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  • Re:Inquiry about Arrival and Status of my Documents

  • Greetings from POSTECH Admissions.

    We directly contact with applicants whose documents are not sufficient via email or phone.
    Please keep your eyes on your mail box and do not ignore any international phone calls from Korea, +82-54-279-3782.

    Dear Sir/Ma,
    I have posted the certified copies of my documents to the graduate admissions office, also my referees informed me that they have forwarded recommendation letters on my behalf to the graduate admissions office of POSTECH. When I logged in to check the status of documents arrival, it shows that it has not arrived.
    I would like to know whether you have not received copies of my documents or the documents you received is not complete.  .
     The attachments with this e-mail message are the documents that could not be uploaded with application form during online completion of the application form.
    It will be highly appreciated if they can be uploaded with my submitted application and updated accordingly.
    I look forward to hear from you.
    IBRAHIM, Rasaq
    Application No: 53000002

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