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  • Greetings from POSTECH Admissions.

    1. It is being handled and checked manually, so please understand us that it needs time. You will be contacted if there's any omission from your documents packet.

    2. Yes, the application fee is waived for GIFT applicants.

    3. Both ways. You can check the final result through the webiste from the final result announcemnet date, November 28th, to the designated date.
    Also, We will contact the successful candidates with the notication.

    * The schedule is subject to change without prior notice


    Hi Admission Team, 
    My name is Rasyad from Indonesia. I intend to enroll at GIFT's master program. Regarding the procedure and documents, it's been submitted a week ago. But there are few things i would like to ask.

    1. Is there any way to check them if there's any problem or just to check their acceptance in admission office? Since i haven't got the confirmation from email or by any other means.

    2. Is payment for GIFT applicant from partner university is waived as mentioned in GIFT admission guide? As far as i know  it differs from other Graduate School and i just want to make sure it is true.

    3. What's the method of announcement if we were accepted? By email or Admission Team will put a mention in the FAQ/Q&A board in this web?

    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,
    M. Rasyad Arkan L.

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