• Samnang HOUT
  • POSTECH's Graduate School Admissions
  • Dear POSTECH Admissions Office, 
    My name is Samnang HOUT from Cambodia. I plan to apply for Fall 2018 admission to a POSTECH's graduate school. I will finish my bachelor degree at the end of this year and have a few months off before I start working in February. These few months off will be a perfect time for me to fully concentrate on writing my personal statement as well as research plan and prepare all required documents. However, as of my acknowledgement, the application period for Fall 2018 admission will be open from early February 2018 which means that I will not be able to access to all of the application forms prior to February.  
    For this reason, I would like to ask whether all of the application forms (including the 2 questions in personal statement and research plan) for Fall 2017/ Spring 2018 will be kept the same for Fall 2018 intake. 
    My only concern is that if the format of the forms and questions change next year, I will have to wait until February next year during which I will have to take some time off from work to be able to write my personal statement and research plan and prepare my documents.  
    I apologize if this is too long. Thank you very much for your understanding and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 
    Sincerely yours, 
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