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  • Dear Leonardo Rocha,

    Greetings from POSTECH Admissions.

    I apologize for my late reply since I have been out of office.

    The G.I.F.T. admissions application has been opened.

    Please find it from How to apply - On-line Application.

    Dear POSTECH Staff,

    This is Leonardo Rocha, brazilian student that was at POSTECH from 2015 to 2016 as exchange student.

    I was trying to apply for a master position at GIFT, but there is no option for this. When I open the "Graduate school" applicationt there is a message saying that if I want to apply for GIFT, I have to do this by myself.

    How can I proceed ? I talked with the person in charge of GIFT's admission and she said that I have to apply on this website following these steps: "How to apply - online application - GIFT", but when I do this, there is no option to apply for GIFT. 

    Best Regards,

    Leonardo Rocha
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