• Tam Nguyen Minh
  • Asking about Application Procedure
  • I am interested in master program in POSTECH and am preparing my documents. I have some questions regarding the application procedure and I hope you could kindly explain these information for me.

    1. With the On-line application, I must submit the major’s score. However, I am not understand the column namely “total”. Does it means the maximum of point grading scale?

    For example, my University use 10-point grading scale, the "total" is 10, isn’t it?

    2. With the Required Documents by Post of GIFT, I saw the Proof of Eligibility for Foreign applicants whose parents both have a foreign nationality. I am Vietnamese and my parents also have Vietnam nationality. Need I enclose the copies of my parent’s passport and proof of my family relationship in my document by post?

    best regard,

    Tam Nguyen

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